The Last Career Guide You’ll ever need

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

from best selling author of A WHOLE NEW MIND
Daniel H. Pink

The 6 Bunko LessonsJohnny-bunko

1. There is no plan.

2. Think strengths, not weaknesses.

3. It’s not about you.

4. Persistence trumps talent.

5. Make excellent mistakes.

6 Leave an imprint.

One thought

  1. As we are all discussing The Last Career Guide You’ll ever need | Geronimocoaching's Blog, You have to be able to successfully engage the person performing the interview while getting the inside information that you need to make your decision. Always have a reason to contact the interviewer after it is over. Ask “Can I call you if I come up with any other questions?” “You have given me a lot to think about. If I need further clarification can I call you?” “I have a paper that I wrote that demonstrates my written communication skills. Can I e-mail the paper to you later today?” An open invitation to make a secondary contact is invaluable. Take advantage of it and follow up. Also, always follow up with a thank-you note and then with a phone call.”

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