Why “should” you blog?

Tom Peters says that no single thing in the past 15 years has had such a profound impact on his professional development:

“It has changed my life, it has changed my perspective, it has changed my intellectual outlook, it has changed my emotional outlook- and, parentheses, it’s the best damn marketing tool I’ve ever seen.”
Seth Godin, entrepreneur and agent of change, says that it’s the meta-cognitive process of reflection on what you do and the humility of explaining yourself to an audience.
Chine Lanzmann, at Woman Impact encourages women to create their own professional blog as soon as they start their Leadership Journey. It’s about being “visible” and staying connected in a global network.
Why do I blog?
It keeps me focused and is an extraordinary source of learning and self-improvement.
Who inspires me?
A woman like Michele Martin, with The Bamboo Project Blog. She’s brilliant, funny and makes you feel smart and cheered up.
When did I start?
In november 2008 when I realized I could not afford yet the website with Twinfish design I was dreaming of. I visited Seth Godin’s blog and opened immediately an account with Typepad thanks to the link on his site. Free and so simple!

One thought

  1. Marion, I feel honored to hear that I make you feel smart and cheered up! That’s actually one of my personal goals with blogging, so it’s good to hear that I get that feeling across. And I’m SO glad that you’re blogging. It really is an amazing growth journey, isn’t it?

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