How to boost your Personal Branding in less than 5 minutes?

Do you have trouble concisely explaining what you do for a living?

Do people find it hard to understand clearly your activity ?

“Exactly , what is it , you are doing? What’s your name again? Hum…

I see…”


The last time it happened to me, I decided I would search for professional advice, and hire someone like…me.

Of course, even (especially) coaches need professional coaching advice.

Let me share this simple tool I discovered thanks to Brazen Careerist

Just click on the PitchWizard, and start for free and immediately.

You can learn to create a pitch in less than 5 minutes.

Here are five reasons why you should learn to pitch yourself:

(from Laura Allen)

  1. You will discover who you are and what you really want
  2. You will focus your thinking on what is most important
  3. It will be a great introduction and conversation starter (Networking Events WPNG, FIBAAFCP…)
  4. You will organize the thinking process for any new venture
  5. You will come accross effectively and consistently via email, on the telephone, in person ,or on your business cards

and you will not get this kind of reaction…IStock_000005970094XSmall

Tell me if you found this PitchWizard useful and post me your comments.

Was it clear and concise?

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