To Tweet…or not to Tweet?

I thought I would share my brand new experience (21 days) of Twitter with you, since it has been taking most of my time recently and (another) excuse for not writing posts.

The truth is my main motivation is to share this hilarious cartoon with you. It still makes me laugh each time I look at it!080209_twitterdicted

  1. First impressions
  2. Why some people “hate” Twitter
  3. Why some people “love” Twitter
  4. Twitter and personality types
  5. How to Twitt Zen
  6. Best cartoons & videos

If you have a natural tendency to be easily distracted and losing your focus, THIS is going to be an irresistible source of distraction. All the time, everywhere,with everyone,in any language,on anything, endlessly, night and day.

You are going to start with your laptop, then you will want it on your cell phone (or the opposite)

You will be driven to download tons of “twittific” applications (I started with tweet, then tweetdeck, now tweetie!) You will want to be smart and trendy and so, you will be spending hours checking potential “followers” profile, blogs on how to use twitter, tips from professional twitters…

You will even find yourself writing post about it in your professional blog, spending hours finding perfect illustrations and adding appropriate links (and coming up eventually with a list of 6 other posts) Just for Twitter’s sake!

Every time you will be left alone, waiting somewhere, between 2 appointments, you will nervously check on the last tweets, on who has been following you, on making sure you answer politely.

You may find yourself, like I confess I did at the paroxystic phase of my TweetyCrisis, tweeting in your bed, instead of reading. That’s why this Twitter thing has gone far enough…The Fitz cartoon was inspired by a guy named Marlon (@marlonsanders). Guess what? I thought it was made for me!

Time to get back to coaching business. I come back to give you my first impressions in my next post.

How was your first experience (or impression) with Twitter?

What is your favorite twitter cartoon?

One thought

  1. Hi Marion,
    Nice blog you have here. Very visual and the text is easy on the eyes. As a fellow blogger and Twitter-er, I know that it is easy to have the hours melt away in front of a computer. Remember to take time off, get outside or just read – gasp! – a good old-fashioned book.
    Best of luck with it.

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