My first experience with Mister Twitter

Living in France, I have been rather late at discovering Twitter.It first really came with an article from Michele Martin,  via a very good Blog I follow, “The Bamboo Project”.

I read it carefully, horrified and scared by the potential dangers and addictions it involved.

I had made my mind. Just like Michele, I would refuse to follow the flock of tweeting birds.

I started to hate Twitter without knowing actually what it was about.

  • Then, maybe the day after, I stumbled upon a very short post : “Let’s tweet” or “Voulez-vous twitter avec moi?” written by Mark Raison


As it came from someone I admire and respect,…and has a very good sense of humor , I thought I would give it a chance.(Mark Raison ,Yellow Ideas, he blogs in French, lives in Spain, comes from Belgium and tweets in English).

That’s how it all began…

My first step was to sign in and find a username. I thought it was very sweet and bright to pick up “creative impulse“. Then, you download a picture for you.

I still didn’t want to reveal myself and take it too seriously.

So I picked up a cartoon picture from Hergé, La Castafiore, screaming shamelessly in Tintin’s ears.

It looked funny and smart (I said to myself…)


And I started to see who in my address book was on Twitter, and of course, who they were following…

I followed Obama. Surprise: my ego bursted when I saw that HE was following me. For a second I really believed I had connected with the President of the USA.(still VERY naive…).

It was the start of a delicious addiction… more in next posts : Addicted to Twitter: don’t start!

And you, what was your first experience with Twitter?

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