#FollowFriday Interactive Mindmap

FF Marion 's MindMap 8 blog

Et voilà!

I am a little of a mother-hen, you know, and I love the idea of seeing all my Tweeples around me!

If you want to know who my favorite tweeples are : Click here   be a little patient for Mindjet player to appear, it can take one minute or two max!

(bare in mind that it's a living organism and will go through many changes…some chickens may escape, I may adopt some new ones..)

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this with you.

It has only be possible thanks to @michaeldeutch 's great help!

Michael is offically Mindjet Chief Evangelist in San Francisco.

In fact , he's a Mind Mapping Whiz Artist 🙂

Thanks a lot, Michael!

4 thoughts

  1. Pascal,
    This is exactly what my mind map is about: fostering new ideas, brainstorming, sharing and having fun experimenting!
    Thank you for playing with me and learning together!
    I had discovered “personal brain”, must admit I love it!

  2. Marion, this is really great. I couldn’t open your mind map but I went to the one on #webrain. Pretty cool. Have you ever seen http://TweepML.org? Now you could put the whole list over there and people could follow your friends with one click. Check it out.

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