Presentation Zen and Public Speaking Magicians

As I posted my Mind Map  (Download FollowFriday MapMarion) yesterday and noticed many could not open it so easily, I am disclosing each category, one after the other.

FollowFriday MapMarion Presentation Magicians

It's not only about twitter.

  • Each person I recommend here offers a real professional expertise.
  • I have been following them for months and could check their blogs and the links they sent. 
  • I've connected with some in "real life" (@OliviaMitchell, whom I had the great honor to meet at home this summer in Beaujolais)
  • I have also read their books (@presentationzen, Garr Reynolds)
  • Or listened to their conferences, watched their videos (@MaxAtkinson, @makingstories, @ethos3)
  • Or connected on Skype (@jeremystockwell)
  • I 've been invited to write for their blogs (@6minutes and @dontgetcaught )…I will!


I am learning everyday to improve my own expertise thanks to them.

Bonus:In addition to their presentation skills, they demonstrate genuine generosity and creativity when they tweet.

Thank You.

Download FollowFriday MapMarion

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