Why Geronimo?


  • I very clearly had this image first in mind: the arrow.
  • I  was also sure about the colour: RED.
  • What I wanted to express? Confident Leadership , communicate with clarity and enthusiasm.
  • I am a Sagitarius and I love horses…
  • In another life, I must have been born an Indian…I loved Little Big Man and Dancing with Wolves.

Little-big-man Dances-with-wolves-sequel

  • I have discovered equicoaching, leadership coaching with horses

IMG_0020 IMG_0019

All these ingredients mixed together took me to a Big Indian Chief, brave and rebel, Geronimo.

Geronimo on his horse

As I wanted to coach mainly women,( and because I am a woman!), I thought about the feminine version “geronima”.

Hmmm, it strangely lost all its attraction.I wanted to identify with the masculine YANG energy resonating in Geronimo.I loved the sound of this name.

Chef indien

I discovered afterwards that people shout ‘Geronimo!’ when they jump off something high or do something else dangerous.

Speaking in public and expressing one’s inner leadership can be quite scary, and if you call “Geronimo”, I will come! (not on a horse, though!)

I also learned more about the real life of Geronimo, very different from the iconic figure it had become after the hollywood movie.(In my mind, Geronimo was a peaceful warrior…)This name was not the one his parents gave him when he was born,(his original name was Goyahkla – One Who Yawns…)His name was given by the Mexican people, from the Saint Jerome Church, where Geronimo supposedly saved their lives.