A Short and Funny Presentation: Women Super Powers


Do you know the “She-conomy” blog ?

They created “Marketing to Women quick facts” a short animated film presenting the growing power of women in the economy today.









This video makes an ideal transition with my last series about the Future of Presentations.

Have you noticed?

  • It’s simple
  • It’s short
  • it’s interactive (we tweet about it and hopefully comment it , too!)
  • it’s collaborative (shared on you Tube, on Blogs, etc…)
  • and it’s fun!

If I chose to post this video to start twenty ten (ah, I don’t care I’m French, so I can say twenty ten as much as I want!),with WOMEN, it’s because I am writing a new series of 12 posts about women speakers.

Yes! Twelve Women for Twelve Months in Twenty Ten.

I like to give myself challenges!

Twelve women  to illustrate 12 communication
styles :

  • Meg Whitman , Ursula Burns , Arianna Huffington , Charlene Li, etc…American but also…

French, British, Spanish, Corean, Chinese ,Indian women, etc…

I believe women’s voices need to be expressed and heard all around the world, in very different styles of communication, according to various styles of leadership too.If you have examples of women in business who are remarquable speakers, you’re invited to comment and leave me a short note, a name, a link to a video or an audio if you have.I’d be happy to write a post about it and help other women understand how they could improve their public speaking.Our voice is UNIQUE, just like our finger prints.

We need to express it, confidently and with enthusiasm!

11 thoughts

  1. Excellent point, Marion. Mais… plus ca change le plus c’est la meme chose! (O-o hope the French was passable 🙂 ) So I look forward to your women presenters’ monthly blog with relish. I’m going to sign up for notifications of your blog so I can Twitter them… Let’s make it a campaign.

  2. Fun video, Marion. Thanks for sharing! Women are still invisible and voiceless in many areas, even as they (we) achieve greater roles and responsibilities every day in business, law, science, sports, media, etc.

  3. Excellent idea,Marion! When we interviewed Kathlyn Hendricks (author of The Conscious Heart and other books) on Finding Magic in Midlife, she was passionate about the need for midlife women to step up and speak out. Her view is that we are needed now more than ever, so we must learn to take some risks and get our voices heard. Obviously, this means women need to learn to become effective presenters and speakers.
    Our purpose with Finding Magic in Midlife is to create a source of midlife womens’ wisdom for the world to access. Just as you are working to help women become better speakers, we are working to help some amazing women get their message across in in-depth interviews.
    To listen to Kathlyn’s interview, just go to our show & select her from our archives. While you’re there, take a look at the exceptional resources we have already captured. http://www.exceptionalwisdomradio.com/shows/Finding_Magic_In_Midlife.html#about
    Let’s work together to cross promote our efforts — we can have more of an impact that way, around the globe.

  4. Marion — love the “girl power” message. With women filling only 2% of the CEO positions for Fortune 500 companies, it’s critical that our voice be heard. Becoming skilled at making presentations will help increase comfort levels with our unique position and personal power. I’m in!

  5. Re: TypePad: [Geronimo Leadership Coaching ] Kat Tansey submitted a comment on "A Short and Funny Presentation: Women Super Powers"
    Thank you Kate for this great idea!
    Yes, let’s cross fertilize our resources and share them with the world.
    I am very impressed by the positive response from different parts of the world (Dorothy from Bruxelles, Sharon from the UK and you Kate from the US, with  Phyllis, Susan, Lisa, Jane, and Anne.
    It can only encourage me to keep on working, writing, speaking and sharing with you all, online and also locally.
    Looking forward collaborating with each of you!

  6. Marion,
    What a great idea! I love the concept of highlighting women and their presentation styles. Let me think about some suggestions for you to consider. Look forward to the series!
    Happy New Year!
    Kathy Reiffenstein

  7. Re: TypePad: [Geronimo Leadership Coaching ] Kathy Reiffenstein submitted a comment on "A Short and Funny Presentation: Women Super Powers"
    Thank you, Kathy.
    I am very pleased by your enthusiastic response and I’d be grateful when you send me some suggestions.
    A very Happy New Year to you too!

  8. Hi Marion !
    Yes, I agree 100 % with this presentation.
    They say that 70 % of new businesses have been set up by women. I’m not surprised at all. I coached 4 groups of would-be entrepreneurs last year, that represents 45 persons. In each group, between 85 to 95 % of the candidates were women. They were mostly young, clever and passionate.
    Yeah, the future of business is womanly, definitely.

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