Another Role Model for Women: Coco Chanel & Innovative Leadership

Have you seen Coco before Chanel, a movie directed by Anne Fontaine?


I loved the atmosphere, the actors, the costume, of course and the personality emerging, a mix of irreverence, modernism, feminism and classicism. And a beautiful love story…

"With a mixture of brutal candor and tender sympathy, it charts the rise
of an ambitious, difficult woman, taking note of the obstacles and
opportunities offered by her time, place and circumstances.Coco starts out as seamstresses with an eye for novelty and a keen
aesthetic sense. Coco disdains corsets, sometimes dresses in men’s
garments, and adapts simple hats and fisherman’s shirts to marvelously
chic effect."
Movie review- New York Times.

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is

                                                                                                    Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Coco Chanel was a true innovator.

She was the first to let go of corsets and bustles and helped women
reconciliate with their bodies, out of the prison of their 19th century
satin's cage.

She was a visionary woman, leading the way as an independent business woman, an artist, an emancipated woman.

She was a woman on a crusade, too!

In my next post, I will analyze her communication style, thanks to some French television archives, and translate them for you. She's even more amazing than you could imagine, and can teach us great lessons in communication.

Who will be the Coco Chanel of the 21rst century (and please, don't tell me Karl Lagerfield!!! 🙂

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