Empathy Is The Invisible Hand

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Take 10 minutes of your day to stop, breath and watch this awesome animated presentation. It's  combining excellent input  with the latest studies on the evolution of civilizations, empathy and mirror neurons, and at the same time you can see, thanks to the talented cartoonist, the visual and simple representation of these complex ideas.

Brilliant! I've shared it with my eldest daughter, who is at home for the week end, and I was moved to see her moved, too (even if she added, at the end, it's all very nice "mais c'est utopique, Maman!").

It's not utopian, my dear girl, it's human, it's empathic, it's also suffering.

It also resonates with my own way of thinking, mixing intellectual concepts and comics. At last, I've found someone who thinks in the same crazy way as me!

  • I also appreciated the cartoon corporate character with Johnny Bunko Carreer advices…by Dan Pink.
  • I loved the touching simplicity of For Our Daughters, about the Glass Ceiling by CatalystInc
  • It all boils down to SIMPLICITY. Find the flower of simplicity inside of you 🙂 Here's an illustration of the Flower of Simplicity and how it
    all started for Yoshi Arima,

Have you noticed how essential messages cannot be expressed anymore by long speeches or power points, but need to adapt to the web format and to the new demands from Millennials, raised with video games? (I've written about The Future of Presentations, inspired by Jeanne Meister's work on the 2020 Workplace, and as I've just received her book, I will continue this other series, adapting it to women in the future workplace).

Picture Yourself Doing a Presentation in 10 Years
, we had a quick
look at our crystal ball.

We found out that presentations were going to look:

Great ideas need creative and innovative ways to express them, so that they are captured by the largest and youngest audience, who shape our future.

I'm dreaming of leading empowerment trainings for young women from all cultures, using cartoons and animated videos. Designing great examples and role models for Gen Y girls and women, using comics strips!

I'm already integrating on a daily basis such tools in my coaching and training practice, via little "plastoy figurines". I guess the next step will be to play big and animate these figurines!

Meanwhile, enjoy watching the agile mind of a brilliant thinker, Jeremy Rifkin, unfolding magically in front of our mesmerized and childlike eyes…

Here is a summary in images (for those of you who don't care to click on the YouTube video and wait for it to upload…yes, I know, sometimes it's slow and we're impatient!)

If you're rather "left-brain wired", read Jeremy Rifkin's long article in The Huffington Post (no images, just 100% words guaranteed!)

Or read Jeremy Rifkin's new book 'The Empathic
: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in
Crisis' (Tarcher/Penguin; January 2010)

All Humans are Soft-Wired with Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons

We're NOT Soft-Wired for Aggression

We're not soft-wired for aggression 

What's Empathy?

What's empathy?

Life is Fragile and Vulnerable

How fragile and vulnerable life is

…and it's Tough to be Alive!

It's tough to be alive!

Empathy is not Utopia

There's no empathy in heaven

We Are Homo Empathicus!

We're Homo Empathicus

How Does Consciousness Change in History? The Fiction of The Nation

The Fiction of the Nation State


Oh, and I love this one!" Empathy is The Invisible hand"

Call me a dreamer,but I can feel that invisible hand wrapped around our planet, healing it by creativity, compassion and empathy!

Empathy is the Invisible Hand 

"The Empathic Civilization is emerging. A younger generation is fast
extending its empathic embrace beyond religious affiliations and
national identification to include the whole of humanity and the vast
project of life that envelops the Earth. But our rush to universal
empathic connectivity is running up against a rapidly accelerating
entropic juggernaut in the form of climate change. Can we reach
biosphere consciousness and global empathy in time to avert planetary
collapse?" Jeremy Rifkin

Will women and girls make this hand VISIBLE ?

Will women and girls start by reaching for one another's hand?

Imagine a sisterhood of women and girls holding hands around the world, bringing along men and boys, oh, what a wonderful world!

5 thoughts

  1. Women and girls are already joining hands around the world through our writing, sharing, loving and supporting. Just today I read another beautiful blog post about connecting women together. We’re birthing something new here. And you are a big, juicy part of this, Marion.

  2. Nice article Marion! I especially like this part: “Imagine a sisterhood of women and girls holding hands around the world, bringing along men and boys, oh, what a wonderful world!”

  3. Great post and clip, Marion. Love the cartoons. I wish I could draw that well to express a theme such as empathy. I’m only just past the ‘stick figure’ drawing level 🙂

  4. Re: TypePad: [Geronimo Leadership Coaching ] Chris Bennett submitted a comment on "Empathy Is The Invisible Hand"
    Thank you Chris. Yes, drawing allows oneself to express so much better the “invisible” links and emotions.
    But I’d also love to draw like that. That would be fantastic for my next presentation!
    The solution is to hire a professional, like Martin Shovel and Martha Leyton, at http://www.creativityworks.net/ !
    Nice to see you here, Chris?

  5. Re: TypePad: [Geronimo Leadership Coaching ] Randall Krause submitted a comment on "Empathy Is The Invisible Hand"
    Thank you, Randall. How did you guess it was also MY favourite part? LOL!
    Yes, changes start with a vision and it can be a dream as crazy as that one!
    We need dreamers and doers!

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