6 Tips To Become a Better Online Speaker – Keep it Simple

In Picture Yourself Doing a Presentation in 10 Years, we had a quick look at our crystal ball.

We found out that presentations were going to look:

  • More simple
  • Shorter
  • More personal
  • More Interactive
  • Collaborative
  • More Fun

What does it mean for us, NOW?

  • More simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci


We are looking for the core message. Go right to the essential.

Forget about complicated animated PowerPoints.

Forget about “looking the smartest”

Forget about “wanting to Impress “others

Don’t try to say it all. You can’t.

Look for authenticity and down-to-earth communication.

Find the flower of simplicity inside of you.

Nurture it. Make it grow. Share it.

Here’s an illustration of the Flower of Simplicity and how it all started for Yoshi Arima, Interface Designer.

“The pivotal moment where the flower of simplicity manifested into reality was in preparing a presentation on simplicity for the Interactive Project Lab in 2007 at The Banff Centre, Canada.

knew he had tapped into something very special when he presented it during that snowy, cold day in Banff.”



Go “naked”, be at ease with the few tools you are using.

Be “ZEN”.

Be generous with your simplicity. Share it when you present to others 🙂

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7 thoughts

  1. Hi Marion,
    Thank you for embedding Yoshi’s video. The spot where he organizes “things” truly made me feel more relaxed!
    Yesterday I attended a presentation where the presenter slipped in a section that was irrelevant to the core message. It made me feel uncomfortable and I observed audience members shift and squirm in their seats.
    It was a strong message to me to keep it simple and stay focused.

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