Sometimes, tweets are the most touching form of recommendations. Thank you Isabelle for writing this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 10.17.39

Others came from LinkedIn, thanks to Cesar Harada, Janelle Orsi, Frederik Ottesen, Dirk Haun, Vanessa Matignon and Isménia Seize. Ranging from my collaboration with Association for Progress in Management, Positive Economy Forum, TED Talks or 3Plus International, I am very proud to share them unabashedey with you.

I coached Cesar Harada for the APM Convention in Marseille in 2013. It was a beautifully co-creative experience. Cesar Harada is Director at Makerbay in Hong Kong.

Marion helped me be the best speaker I can be. She prepared me to speak in front of thousand of French leaders in a simple, accessible, subtle and deep way. I cant thank her enough for the quality of her work.

I coached Janelle for the Positive Economy Forum in Le Havre, in 2014. Janelle Orsi, Executive Director at Sustainable Economies Law Center and Attorney at Law Office in San Francisco.

“It was wonderful working with Marion and getting coaching on a presentation. She gave me so much confidence before I got on the stage! I was amazed that she read up on so much of my work prior to talking to me, and she really seemed to understand the content of my presentation. And even though I do public speaking all the time, I still picked up some new tips and ideas from Marion, which shows that you’ll likely get value from working with her, regardless of how much speaking experience you have.

Here’s a quote from Frederik Ottesen, founder at LittleSun, GmbH, Copenhagen.

During the Positive Economy Forum in Le Havre Marion helped me focus my talk, improve my timing and be more relaxed on stage. She prepared me to speak in a natural, accessible and efficient way. I can highly recommend working with Marion.

Dirk Haun is my Colleague at Ideas on Stage Germany. He’s also my TED mentor. He was the first to trust me to give a TED Talk and invited me to talk at TEDx Stuttgart. This quote moved me so much by its generosity and sensitivity. Gratitude, Dirk. You are awesome.

Marion is one of the most warm-hearted individuals I know. She’ll be your spiritual guide and godmother if you let her (and you should). Touch on a subject she’s passionate about and you’ll be blown away by her enthusiasm. If we ever achieve true gender equality (and I sure hope we do), it’ll be in large part due to her involvement.

I had the privilege to work with Vanessa Matignon, Ambassadeur de la République d’Haïti en France/ Ambassador of the Republic of Haïti to France, and here’s what she kindly wrote after our collaboration:

J’ai travaillé avec Marion à l’occasion du LH Forum 2014. Elle s’est révélée une excellente professionnelle capable de prendre à son compte une pression très forte autour de cet événement afin de faciliter mon intervention. Rigoureuse, disponible, Marion a toujours fait preuve d’une grande qualité d’écoute et d’une grande efficacité.

Lastly, one of the most beautiful and brave young person I was given to mentor, thanks to Dorothy Dalton and Dr Anne Perschell, from 3Plus International, Ismenia Seize.

Marion has been key in my career. From a shy young lady, she helped me to find my voice to become a strategic business partner. Through coaching sessions, I became more and more confident in talking in meeting, managing conflicts, developing strategic partnerships and facing challenges that I did not know I could meet.

The process was amazing; her approach is gentle and so motivational. She inspired me (still inspires me), taught me to listen to my instinct. I am so grateful to have been working with her early in my career, because the skills and confidence we have been building together keep flourishing. One of the best investments in time and money for my life.

And from my past career in Executive Education:

Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone -Programme Director at Cranfield School of Management

Marion is a seasoned coach, able to quickly create a trusting environment where coachees can explore their development potential, able to constuctively challenge individuals to address specific areas, able to objectively identify areas that the individual should consider for personal development. Marion is also a collaborative colleague who willingly shares her insights and approach with others and encourages fellow coaches in their own approaches

I have built a strong partnership with Cranfield School of Management where I am coaching executives from L’Oréal (four times a year since 2004)

Graduated from SKEMA business school Sophia Antipolis in 1984, I have over twenty years of experience in the Education Management field. I have been teaching and lecturing during eight years for the International Executive MBA’s in Leadership  Communication skills and Organizational Behavior at EM Lyon School of Management.

I had the pleasure of attending a personal development course lead by Marion during my MBA.With our class ‘broad mixture of different cultures and personalities she demonstrated great professionalism and high level of ethical standards. She exhibited clear presence and showed a sincere passion about her work. She is a dedicated, constructive and insightful coach with inspiring abilities. I can recommend her unreservedly.

Silje Ingvoldstad S.E. Technical Projects at Cisco Systems

I have facilitated, in English and French, Personal Impact and Management training seminars for several hundreds of managers from large European Corporations such as EADS, Renault, Saint Gobain, Suez, Alcatel , Interpol and L’Oréal.

I had Marion as teacher for an MBA course on public speaking. Marion is a passionate professor , with an excellent abilty to share and teach her communication skills . Reliable and paying a lot of attention to people personal developement,when needed I would refer to her as personal coach on management and leadership matters.

Cristina Angelin-Duclos Regulatory affairs products manager at Sanofi Pasteur MSD

I met Marion during my MBA while she was a Professor at EM Lyon in charge of the Personal Development programme for the MBA international crowd. Marion brought to those modules knowledge, know-how, meaningful insights, depth, sensitivity, tact and her personal interest in her students and people in general. Marion is a fantastic listener, excellent communicator, extremely respectful of the individual, wise in her advices and invaluable in helping people building up, strengthening or revealing their potential. If I was considering doing any personal coaching or bringing someone into my company to deliver coaching, Marion would be the person I would definitely revert to or recommend.

Dominique Raphanael International Operations & Project Manager

While preparing for my assignment as Speaker at Øredev 2009 I worked with Marion Chapsal who acted as speaker’s coach and mentor. Marion switched between being a coach (encourage, challenge and support) and being a mentor (give advice, share experience and knowledge) depending on what was needed. Marion guided and supported me through my preparations which helped me get it all done and to feel confident when it was time for my presentation. Working with Marion made be better structured in my preparations and I dared to be more passionate about my topic which in turn resulted in a much better presentation than if I had done things on my own.” December 11, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Bengt Wendel
hired Marion as a Presenter’s coach and mentor in 2009 

I had the wonderful experience of being coached by Marion, and I greatly admire the creativity and innovation in her coaching methods. She helped me to gain some very important insights into my past, present and future, that I have thought about and explored further ever since. She is just what every coach should be – personable, open-minded and very perceptive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding coach, whether in business or their personal life.” October 18, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

Kylie Sedon
hired Marion as a Career Coach in 2009 

Marion’s creative flair makes her coaching sessions highly enjoyable. The time flies! Her approach to discovering character traits, motivators and hang ups with the use of figurines and cartoon characters is unique and spell binding. An absolute must for anyone looking for creative coaching.” October 15, 2009

Top qualities: Good Value , High Integrity , Creative

Rachel Maury

 Marion helped my team re-examine our working relationships and determine a more productive and collaborative approach to our work.She is highly creative and intuitive and skilled at gently but firmly challenging where necessary.” September 19, 2009

Jon Chapman , Visiting Fellow , Cranfield University

I experienced Marion in her capacity as a consultant at EM Lyon. Marion’s ability to engage people to achieve results is extraordinary and her interpersonal skills are of a very high standard. Taking part in the Personal and managerial Development Seminar with Marion was a very joyful ride yet very professional and effective. I can recommend Marion for similar assignments.” February 2008

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Andreas Hertzenberg – Executive MBA now Country manager Champion Europe

Delivering Results is a Top priority, along with experiencing an exciting and playful process.

  • One step at a time
  • Building on Your Strengths
  • Using Positive and Constructive Feedback
  • Exploring new skills with playfulness and creativity
  • Practicing, Practicing and again Practicing!

And the most important:

  • Caring unconditionally for you and trusting the process

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